The Moon’s gravitational pull controls the ocean tides. And since up to 60% of the human body is water, so does the moon command our internal tides too. That’s our emotions.

Super moons come with an even stronger gravitational pull than normal full moons. This week’s (Saturday August 29th)  will result in strong tidal currents, if you know what I mean.

According to experts, this one brings a sense of closure. Something is finally coming to an end, and this is stirring up a whirlwind of emotions inside.

This is a time to let go. Let go of control, fear, anger… a time to surrender to the here and now.

For it’s here and now we can start to build something new.

Sometimes when we finally let go, we can experience emotions akin to grief.

So grieve.

Take some time out. Let your emotions flow and do what they need to do before they dissolve forever.

Do not try to numb them or stifle them. This is not the time for that.

This is a time when the realm of possibility is vaster than it has been for hundreds and thousands of years.

Anything, everything is possible for those who finally let go of what’s not real and not needed any more.

Anything and everything is possible for those who are courageous enough to claim the life they want.

Anything and everything is possible for those who are greatful, grateful, ready, and willing to take the journey back home.

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This week I learnt about the power of Being VS Doing.

I learnt it the hard way, by the way, which is the way I’ve learnt every important lesson in my life.

See, doing I’m great at.

I’m a doer, a go getter, a hustler, a make-it-happener.

If I wasn’t born motivated, my parents sure made sure I developed unstoppable drive.

They used to forever lecture me and my siblings about this, and about the fact we would have to really toughen up, grow some balls, get going, if we didn’t wanna be swallowed by life.

No slouching!

No slacking!

“Life is tough, and only the tough make something of themselves.”

So I became a tough cookie.

The type that doesn’t crumble.

The type you hit against a table and you hurt yourself, and you go “you f*cking bastard”, and the cookie stays the friggin’ same.

If you want something done well and fast, you come to me.

And with the focus of a falcon and the sturdiness of a work horse, you’ll get what you want, and more.

The problem is, as it turns out you don’t need to be tough all the time.

And you don’t need to go-go-go all the time.

Go figure!

Turns out sometimes the best thing to do is just be, for a change.

Be a stationary feather, a soft ball of kitteness, cotton fluffiness…

The best thing for you Woman Warrior, whether you like it or not, and before you work yourself down to the ground, is to just do fuck all for a while. Maybe even a good while.

And when I say fuck all I mean FUCK-ALL.

Not the type of fuck all I would’ve engaged in before.

None of that “I’m doing nothing really, just cleaning the whole house, doing the washing up, ironing a load, and writing a novel between breaks.”

This is what I learnt this week.

That sometimes you need to do Sweet-F-A for a while.

So thank you to the lovely people in my life who taught me this invaluable lesson – you know who you are 🙂 ‪#‎peace‬

It’s when you stop moving, take a break, take a breath and JUST BE, that the stuff that’s been coming your way can finally find you.

The question is, do you love yourself enough to give yourself a break, and give yourself everything you’ve ever wanted..?



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#1 When in front of other people, you must keep quiet, behave and blend in

#2 If you’re “bold”, you must be punished

#3 If you’re a “good girl”, you deserve a sweet treat

#4 If you’re sad, a sweet treat will make you feel better

#5 If someone offers you sweets, it’s polite to accept it and rude not to

#6 If someone asks for your help and you say no, you’re a bad person

#7 If you’re a girl you’ve got to like pink, make up and heels like all the other girls

#8 If you don’t want to eat your vegetables, it’s fine, you can have whatever you want

#9 If you don’t pass an exam it means you’ve failed

#10 If you’re sixteen and don’t know what career path to follow, there’s something wrong with you

#11 If you’re under 10 stone you’re too skinny

#12 If you’re 12 stone or over you’re a “real woman”

#13 If you ate your body weight in crap food at the weekend, you were just being “naughty”

#14 If you’re a mum, your children come first

#15 If you’re a wife, your husband comes first

#16 As a woman, you must have a career, get married, have children and look like a model to be successful and happy

#17 If you’re thirty or over and are not slim, married, with children and an amazing career, you’re a failure

#18 Men are only interested in thin women with big boobs

#19 If you don’t eat unhealthy foods and drink alcohol, you’re boring

#20 If you lift weights, you’ll get muscly and grow a penis

#21 If you stop lifting weights, your muscle will turn into fat

#22 If you eat healthily all the time, you’re missing out in life

#23 Avoid confrontation at all costs, it’s better to keep your feelings bottled up

#24 Stressed out, tired, sad angry, bored..? A bucket of coffee or a bottle of wine a night will fix that

#25 It’s normal to be tired and feel like shit all the time

#26 If someone pays you a compliment, they’re probably lying

#27 Behaving confidently means you’re arrogant


“Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect, he ceases to love.” ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky


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