Bleeding Love


short story

Short story Bleeding Love is spiritual medicine intended to inspire the soul, uplift the spirit and enlighten the way:


– Babe!!! You promised you wouldn’t do it again! – she yelled, terrorized – you promised… you promised… – she wept.

– I’m sorry babe – he maundered – I’m sorry… it’s OK…

As he laid on the bathroom floor, the needle still clung onto his bruised arm. She kneeled down beside him, and with her chic clutch tightly tucked under her arm, she grabbed him and pulled him tightly into her body.

Rocking him in her arms, she closed her desperate eyes, only this time her mascara didn’t run because she had no tears left. She had cried them all. She had no words left either. He had made it clear that nothing she said or did would change him.

And so she held his frail body for the last time, for what felt like a minute but clocked two hours. She wanted to feel her soulmate, to infuse her spirit with his scent, to count every little white bird in his black shirt, every cute freckle on his worn face… she wanted to fade into him before she broke her heart.

– Every woman I have ever given my heart to has abandoned me… you’re going to abandon me too, aren’t you? – his tired mouth whispered.

And her heart broke open like a piƱata, and out poured what felt like lifetimes worth of deadly wounds. Her chest hurt so bad and she felt so nauseous that she thought she may be having a heart attack.

– I am not going to abandon you babe, I am just leaving you.

– OK… fuck off then… whore – he said, emotionless.

She released him back onto he cold floor and the infinite universe.

Barely able to hold her own body weight, she stumbled around the apartment trying to find a suitcase. She emptied her drawers and swept her side of the wardrobe clean. When she chanced upon the 40’s silk red dress he got her for their first Valentine’s day, she hesitated. She left the dress but took their Bengal kitten Twin Flame and bumbled out of the apartment.

With every step she walked away from him, she felt weaker and weaker. Her knees failed her, her hands shook and her body bent like an old woman’s.

– Bleedin’ love… – she grumbled.


~ G. A.
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Rare Love


Valentine poem

Valentine poem Rare Love is intended to inspire the soul, uplift the spirit and ignite the heart. May you be love:


In the drawers of your chest,

were found,

striking grey pearls.


In the chasms of your iris,

undiscovered worlds,

a white Blackbird.


In the moors of your hand,

Apollo’s star,

the holy spirit,

the ring of fate.


In the notes of your scent,

Pau Rosa,

rare love,

that bewitching girl.


~ G. A.
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soulmate poetry

Freed is soulmate poetry intended to inspire the soul, uplift the spirit and ignite the heart. Dedicated to my dear friend and soulmate Chisco, whose body released his soul in 2006. Since then, he has not left my side.


I saw you and you looked you,

with your curls, and your tan skin,

your eyes, and your gentle grin.


You held me.

You held me and you said it,

“I love you now like I did then,

before my timely death.”


I felt you.

I felt you and you were here,

in my life, not in my dream.


It left you,

Your body died, unbound your soul,

and now I’m yours, and you’re free.


~ G. A.
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