Story: A Hairy End

A Hairy End



A Hairy End is a short story about friendship, cancer and hairy pussies intended to inspire the soul, uplift the spirit and enlighten the way:


The two women exploded into an embrace only two hearts that have been broken open could ever set off.

And when eye met eye…

– How are ya, tramp?

– Oh, grand. I’m dying.

– Fuck off, you’re dying… you’re a gas whore, you are.

– I fucking am, for real this time. No “me heart’s shattered, I feel like I’m dying” man crap.

Terror slips down the friend’s throat.

– Coffee?

– Whiskey.

– I love you.

The women enter the Poosie Nansie’s Inn and sit to two Scotchs, neat.

– It’s cunt cancer. Literally, like, no joke – shrieks she.

– Jaysus! Fuck my arse! Seriously Emz? – tears tsunami the woman.

– Ah sure, it’s grand. Didn’t your one Louise Hay have it? Might get her book, see what the story is.

– The story is that life is killing us, Emz.

– Yes, it is, babes. Cheers – toasts Emz.

– Sláinte.

– I’ve never managed to be happy on this god cunting planet anyways. Maybe on another one I will do better.

-Are you dying, like, for sure for sure?

– That’s what they say.

– Who’s they, the custard launcher cunt experts? Fuck them!

– I don’t think I’ll be fucking them, or anyone, or anything, for like, a while… depending on how long death lasts. What an absolute waste of wax cash…

– Jesus Christ, I know, pussy waxing’s gone exorbitant!

– Shockingly so. Daylight robbery, if you ask me. Sixty quid for a Brazilian?! Fuck that, I’m dying feral. Free the pussy!

– Amen to that!

– To death and bushy puss, slut.

– To death and bushy puss, whore. God, I love you so much…


~ G. A.

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